Becoming a Member

STATE DUES are $25.00 per year plus $.50 per cow. Dues include our Wisconsin Brown Swiss Newsletters. Members also receive a reduced rate for registering animals if you are both a state and national member. State junior membership is $5.00 for ages 9 through 21 as of January 1st. Memberships for each year can be renewed starting January 1st and must be paid to the State Secretary/Treasurer by April 1st.  Anyone who has not paid their dues by April 1st will pay a $50 late fee. For questions on membership contact State Secretary Barb Muenzenberger at

Which Canton am I in?

When you sign up to become a Wisconsin Brown Swiss member be sure to also sign up for Canton membership which entitles you to participate in regional Brown Swiss shows.

Mayer Homestead VGR Jigor

Owned by Jeremy & Kelsi Mayer