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MASTER BREEDER AWARD is presented to a Wisconsin Brown Swiss Breeder who has developed a benchmark for their herd, representing the Brown Swiss cow.  A master breeder's herd may consist of All-American winners, high producing cows or foundational cow families. Established in 2010, the winner is selected by the board of directors and presented biennially.



2018 - Sunshine Genetics, Whitewater, Wis.

2016- Lone Oak Swiss, Franklin & Tom Ferg

2020 - Gary & Norm Magnussen,

Norvic Farm

THE SERVICE AWARD recognizes a state member who has committed to serving the Wisconsin Brown Swiss Association by promoting and educating people about the breed and the organization.  The recipient is dedicated to helping on committees, serves in leadership positions and above all is an advocate for the cow and her breeders.


2020 Service Award Recipient

Tammy Voegeli, Arlington, Wis. (left)

presented by Secretary Barb Muenzenberger (right) 

Past PAL Award Winners



THE (PAL) PARENT ADULT LEADERSHIP AWARD is chosen by the Wisconsin Brown Swiss junior organization and recognizes a member who supports the junior association and helps them excute activities and promote the associaton.


2020 PAL Award Winner

Bryan Voegeli, Monticello, Wis.

Service & Pal Awards

Herd, Individual Cow & Production Awards

Herd, Cow Production Awards

Cow of The Year 

Random Luck B Tea Rose - ET

Random Luck Farm, Darlington, WIs.

Herd Milk & Protein Winners

Wessel Farms LLC., Mineral Point, Wis.

Cozy Nook Farm, Waukesha, Wis.

Jenlar Swiss, Chilton, Wis. 

Ar-Line Dairy, Bangor, Wis.

Top Protein Cow Winners

Meadow Brook Dairy Farms LLC, Manitowoc, Wis.

Twinkle Hill Farm, Watertown, Wis.

Voegeli Farm Inc., Monticello, Wis.


2019 Top Milk and Protein Herds

Milk & Protein Award to 3X Producer –50 cows & Over Wessel Farms, LLC, Mineral Point

-25,941 lbs. 878 lbs. Protein

Milk and Protein Award to 2X Producer 50 cows & Over

Cozy Nook Farm, Waukesha

-26,511 lbs. Milk 942 lbs. Protein

Milk Award to Producer-Under 50 cows

AR-Line Dairy, Bangor

-23,948 lbs. Milk

Protein Award to Producer-Under 50 cows

Jenlar Swiss, Chilton

-836 lbs. Protein

2019 Top Protein Cows

Jr. 2 year old - 1049 lbs. Protein Jenlar Durham Talia

Larry & Jennifer Meyer, Chilton

Sr. 2 year old - 1025 lbs. Protein Twinkle-Hill MS James Tolea Twinkle-Hill Farm, Watertown

Jr. 3 year old - 1122 lbs. Protein Meado-Brook T Bueller ET Meadow Brook Farms, Manitowoc

Sr. 3 year old -1093 lbs. Protein VB August Dime

Voegeli Farms, Inc., Monticello

4 year old - 1225 lbs. Protein VB Won Pluma Madora

Voegeli Farms, Inc., Monticello

5-8 year old - 1383 lbs. Protein RF Twinkle-Hill Alaska Twinkle-Hill Farm, Watertown

8 years & over - 1020 lbs. Protein WeSell Perfect 0208

David J. Wessel, Mineral Point

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