Junior Membership

Any youth 9-21 years of age who owns one registered Brown Swiss animal can become a junior member. Wisconsin Brown Swiss Junior Membership is $5/yr. Junior Membership allows youth to show at state shows, enter youth contests, become a junior officer, participate at junior outings/events and be eligible for the share a heifer program.


Congratulations to the 2020 PAL Award Winner.


01/31/2022 - The Queen and Share-A-Heifer forms are now available. Please consider applying for this year's opportunities!

Junior Officers

President: Matthew Thompson, Darlington, Wis.

Email: mgthompson07@gmail.com

Vice-President: Quincee Johnson, Evansville, Wis.

 Email: johnsqui000@ecsdnet.org

Secretary: Brianna Meyer, Chilton, Wis.

Email: briannacows@gmail.com

Reporter: Lila Kilsdonk, Seymour, Wis.

Email: lilakilsdonk2002@gmail.com

Junior Advisor

Heidi Heller, Cecil, WI

Ph: 715.304.9141

Email: luckymissy86@yahoo.com


Jr. Applications    &    Deadlines

Junior Membership

Youth Achievement

 February 10

 February 20 

 February 28

The State Queen Contest
The Wisconsin Brown Swiss Queen represents the Wisconsin Adult and Junior Brown Swiss Association and promotes the Brown Swiss Breed at the state level.  The queen is expected to educate the dairy industry and public on the advantages of the Swiss breed and products produced.  

Requirements:The Applicant must be:
15-21 years of age and unmarried as of January 1, a paid junior member for the past two years and enrolled in 4-H or FFA Brown Swiss project for at least two years.


Queen Applications should be sent to: Kara Kasten-Olson, W9123 Hwy QQ, Watertown, WI 53098

For questions contact Kara at : 608-445-2010 or email kara@sassycowcreamery.com

Applications Due Feb. 28. To have the queen and princess attend events contact Junior Advisor Heidi Heller. 

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Wisconsin Brown Swiss Junior Officer & Queen Profiles

Matthew Thompson, Darlington



Hello, my name is Matthew Thompson! I will be serving as the 2021 President for the Wisconsin Junior Brown Swiss Association. I am currently a sophomore at Darlington High School.  I spend a lot of my time on our family farm or with family and friends. A fun fact about me is that I also show Jerseys and Holsteins. I am looking forward to a great year!



Quincee Johnson, Evansville

Hi everyone! My name is Quincee Johnson and I am the 2021-2022 Wisconsin State Brown Swiss Junior Association Vice President! I am currently a senior at Evansville High School and will be attending UW-Platteville this fall to major in Agriculture Business! A fun fact about me is that I have never shown any other breed besides Brown Swiss!



Brianna Meyer, Chilton

Hello! My name is Brianna Meyer and I am 16 years old and a sophomore at Chilton High School. I am excited to be serving as the 2021 Secretary of the Brown Swiss Junior Association! My family and I own and operate Jenlar Holsteins and Brown Swiss in Chilton, WI. I am a member of Chilton FFA and FBLA, Chilton Tip-Top 4-H, and am a company member at Makaroff Youth Ballet!  I really enjoy exhibiting our cattle at various shows throughout the summer and fall and participating in other dairy activities. I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had from Brown Swiss and the lifelong friends I have made. I am looking forward to making this a great year with the Brown Swiss Junior Association!

Reporter & Queen


Lila Kilsdonk, Seymour

Hello, my name is Lila Kilsdonk and I will be serving as the 2021 Wisconsin Brown Swiss Princess!

I am the 18 year old daughter of Aaron and Jessica Kilsdonk. My family lives on a hobby farm just outside of Seymour, WI, where we raise show heifers, sheep, and goats. I have been involved with the Brown Swiss Association since I was nine years old! I enjoy going to different shows throughout the Midwest every summer. Some of my favorites would have to be the Brown Swiss State Show and Junior State Fair.

This year I am looking forward to meeting other people who love the big brown cow. I can not wait to see everyone this summer and I am looking forward to a great year! 


The Youth Achievement Contest is open to Wisconsin Brown Swiss junior members 9-21 years of age. Named in honor of youth supporter Nelson McCammon, the contest includes arranging a scrapbook of a junior's acheivements, with finalists having the opportunity to speak about their experiences in an interview. Juniors are encouraged to compete until they receive an award as this contest is a great learning opportunity and develops essential communication skills!

Send completed applications to Heidi Heller Email: luckymissy86@yahoo.com by Feb.20. 

Brown Swiss Youth Heifer Program (How to Apply)

Youth looking for support to purchase their first Brown Swiss should consider applying for the Nelson McCammon Youth Heifer Program offered by the Wisconsin Brown Swiss Association. 

“The Nelson McCammon Youth Heifer Program helps youth interested in working with dairy cattle gain hands-on experience with high-quality Registered Brown Swiss, explains committee chairperson Josh Hushon. “By working with Brown Swiss through this program, our hope is that they will learn to appreciate the many outstanding qualities the Brown Swiss breed offers as the well as the camaraderie of those who own them.” 


Award recipients will receive a grant for 50% (up to a $1,000 total) towards the purchase price of a Registered Brown Swiss female of any age. The program is intended to run for two years with the applicants being between the ages of 9 and 18 for cows and 9 to 19 for heifers as of January 1. Applicants must be residents of Wisconsin and become members of the Wisconsin Junior and the National Junior Brown Swiss Associations.

Since the project started in 2013, 20 youth have purchased Registered Brown Swiss heifers thanks to the generosity of long-time Brown Swiss breeder and youth supporter Nelson McCammon, who generously donated the funding for the program via his estate when he passed. Mr. McCammon was a mentor to many, and a past winner of the Klussendorf Trophy. Winners are presented at the Wisconsin Brown Swiss Annual Meeting. Applications and more information about this and other programs can be found at the Wisconsin Brown Swiss Association website at www.wibrownswiss.com or by contacting Josh Hushon at josh2632@yahoo.com or 920-342-0611. 


2020 Grant Winners

(l-r) President Josh Hushon with Grant Winners and Junior Advisor Heidi Heller.

About  Nelson McCammon:

Nelson McCammon was born September 29, 1919 and passed May 21, 2012.  He was raised on a diversified dairy farm in southwest Indiana. He graduated from Carlisle High School and attended Purdue University. He earned a Bronze Star during his four years of service in the 38th Infantry Div. of the U.S. Army while stationed in the Pacific, New Guinea, and the Philippine Islands. Nelson worked for the Curtiss Candy Company Dairy in Chicago for seven years. He mainly worked with their show cattle and became Herdsman for their Brown Swiss and Holstein Herds. He later managed Rolling Acres Guernsey’s in Illinois, CB Farms Brown Swiss of Connecticut and Indiana. Nelson was in charge of the show herds for Norvic Farm Brown Swiss in Lake Mills WI, as well as Cold Springs Brown Swiss, Monroe, WI, and Red Brae Brown Swiss, Eagle, WI. He and his wife Lois bought her parents farm in Clarno Township, Monroe, WI which he named Nelsland. There he bred and developed several All American winning Brown Swiss. In 1959, Nelson won the prestigious Klussendorf award which honors ability, character and sportsmanship in the dairy show ring. A mentor to many, Nelson was always willing to help youth interested in Brown Swiss. He spearheaded the Wisconsin Brown Swiss Breeders Share-A-Heifer program which gave WI youth practical experience with cattle. He also annually supported national youth involvement through the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association. 


2020 Bell Ringer Winners


Spring Calf: Oak Knoll Rosemary- Jaynie Rule
  Reserve: Topline Standout Havana- Natalie & Nick Roe
  Honorable Mention: WF Richard Scarlett- Jacob & Jescey Thompson


Winter Calf: Trackside Famous Gretchen- Otis, Malcom, Quincee Johnson
  Reserve: Jenlar Carter Winsome-ET- Abby Meyer
  Honorable Mention: P Hill Martini on the Rocks- Ashlee Garbers
  4th Place: A Joy Phantom Broadway- Lucie Bitsky


Fall Calf: Red Brae Noble Zodeva- Elise & Brady Bleck
  Reserve: Jenlar Norwin Willow-ET- Brianna Meyer
  Honorable Mention:  EF Norbert Snickers- Jescey Thompson


Summer Yearling: Red Brea DAA Jongleur Jerin- Calli & Wyatt Storms


Spring Yearling: Birdsallway Farms Nalla- Paige Kinnard
  Reserve: Hartmanhills F Shenanigans- Lucie Bitsky, Bethany Hartman
  Honorable Mention: ABS Rasta Stormy- Alexis Blakenberg


Winter Yearling: Payacres Carter Sunkist- Taylor & Brianna Paye
  Reserve: Red Brae EJ Noble Hey Hey- Elise & Brady Bleck
  Honorable Mention: Red Brae EJ Noble BaBa- Calli & Wyatt Storms


Fall Yearling: VoGrin Fablous Winks ETV- Melissa Sprecher
  Reserve: Kruse GK Famous Jewell- Taylor Paye


Jr 2 Year Old: Summerwynd Jane Doe- Tyler Schroepfer
  Reserve: Red Brae Foremost Jilette B- Wyatt Storms


Sr 2 Year Old: Hartmanhills Cheers- Lucie Bitsky & Bethany Hartman


Jr 3 Year Old: Jenlar Davnpt Turtle Sundae- Austin Meyers
  Reserve: Hilltop Acres Desi Cruton- Alexis Blankenberg


Sr 3 Year Old: Jenlar Seaman Tinsel- Brianna Meyer
  Reserve: Red Brae SPA Cayenne Neola- Calli & Wyatt Storms
  Honorable Mention: Maiers Acres Dolly Snoday- Lila Kilsdonk


4 Year Old:  Sunrise Hill Cadence Rio- Ashlee Garbers
  Reserve: VB Durham Riley- Levi Kindschi


5 Year Old: RK Arthurst Tankbark Fiesty- Joseph Opsal
  Reserve: Oak Knoll Rosebud- Jaynie Rule